14 of the most bizarre Christmas traditions

Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays in the world, which is why most people go back to old traditions, some of them extremely bizarre, passed down from one generation to another, at this time of year, making Christmas different.

The most bizarre Christmas traditions

Around the winter holidays, each people has its own traditions. Both children and adults are looking forward to this time of year. However, not all traditions are as usual, with rolls and carols. Some peoples have really strange Christmas traditions. Here are 14 of the most unusual of them:

1. In Norway, on Christmas Eve, all the brooms are hidden and not cleaned at all because there is a fear that they will be stolen by witches or other evil spirits.

2. Thanks to a campaign by KFC in 1974, the tradition of Japanese families going and eating at this fast food restaurant on Christmas Eve has been established. Also in this country, the use of red cards is avoided, because it symbolizes death. Friends and family receive white greeting cards expressing purity.

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3. In Caracas, the city that is the capital of Venezuela, people usually go to church on rollers on Christmas day.

4. In Greenland we find probably some of the strangest Christmas recipes. For example, Mattak, where raw whale skin is used as the main ingredient, is served with lard. However, the Kiviak preparation will hardly be surpassed by another dish from this area because 500 dead birds are used in its preparation, placed in a kind of hermetic leather bellows and left to ferment for 7 months.

5. The Germans hide a pickle in the Christmas tree and the child who finds it will receive another gift. It is said that he will be very lucky in the future.

6. In New Zealand, traditional fir trees are not used as a Christmas tree and a tree called “pohutukawa” has a lot of red flowers.

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7. Ukrainians use artificial spider web and a toy spider to decorate the Christmas tree. Whoever finds the spider first will be lucky.

Bombings take place at Christmas

8. Estonian families go to the sauna on Christmas Eve.

9. In Iceland it is said that those who do not receive new clothes until Eve will be eaten by the Yule cat.

10. Ethiopians celebrate Christmas on January 7th. People wear white clothes and men play “ganna”, a traditional game that involves the use of sticks and a wooden ball.

11. In Guatemala, the mess that is collected after the Christmas clean-up is gathered by all the neighbors in the neighborhood, and then a devil is placed on top of it and set on fire.

12. Bavaria is actually bombarded with Christmas mortar.

13. In Finland, Christmas is a holiday that also celebrates the dead, so cemeteries are full on this day.

14. The Canadian Post Office recognizes the address of Santa Claus, North Pole, Canada, HOHOHO. Each letter is open and will be answered.

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