Sony will release a movie made using the PlayStation game generator “Dreams”

Sony Pictures Classics has taken over the rights to an animated film called “A Winter’s Journey”, which will be made in part using the PlayStation Dreams game creation tool.

According to Deadline, the film will combine live actors with CG and hand-painted animation and is an adaptation of Franz Schubert’s set of 24 songs for voice and piano, called Winterreise. It tells the story of a poet in love who embarks on a dangerous journey that takes him through the mountains in 1812 to Bavaria.

Sony will release “A Winter’s Journey”

Dreams was originally created by Media Molecule, the studio behind LittleBigPlanet, for PS4. The studio described it as a way to create “art, movies, and video games” from the beginning, and once described it as “a single engine, learning suite, and distribution platform.” .

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Since then, people have been using it to create their own games, realistic renderings of nature, captivating experiences of their favorite movies, among others. Winter’s Journey, however, seems to be the first time Dreams has been used in a feature film.

The Oscar-nominated artist behind Loving Vincent, directed by Alex Helfrecht, will be in charge of the animation. The production will bring together talent from all over Europe, including England, Poland, Germany, Belgium and France, and filming will begin in June in Poland.

The film has not yet received a release date, but as I said, filming is expected to begin in June in Wrocław, Poland, with actors including John Malkovich and Jason Isaacs. Marcin Czarnik, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Martina Gedeck and Gabriella Moran will also be part of the cast.

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However, it will probably take some time for it to be ready for release.

As for Dreams itself, it is currently on sale in the PlayStation Store in the US for ten dollars and includes a list of the most creative games made using the tool.

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