Tricks for all drivers: on-board witnesses, what each one means

Ignition of any warning light must be treated with the utmost seriousness by each driver, as this indicates an electrical or mechanical failure of the car, wear and tear of various parts or certain errors.

Before you know the meaning of each sign on board, you need to understand their color classification. Here are the three types of on-board witnesses and what each of these categories means.

If you are a driver, you have probably noticed the warning lights coming on when you start the car and you have noticed that they are arranged in three categories, each with its own color. The reason why the light signals are distributed in this way is very simple, and each category announces a certain type of problem. Thus, an on-board witness may be:

Red – Announces a serious car failure or a safety issue that requires immediate attention from the driver.

Yellow – (or orange, as appropriate) – A malfunctioning component that needs to be replaced. Depending on the type of light bulb on board, the fault may need urgent or delayed repair, but only for a few days.

Green – (or blue, as appropriate) – Informs you about the status of a car component.

List of broomsticks by color

Because each pilot light has a different meaning depending on the symbol it indicates, it is important to know all of these signs in order to take the necessary action. Here is the significance of each pilot light:

esp problems

1. ESP problems

The ESP indicator light comes on when the car’s traction system comes into operation. If it stays on for a longer period of time, it may be a malfunction and it is recommended that you go to the car service.

water in the fuel filter

2. Water in the fuel filter

Water in the fuel filter is a very serious problem, and if this light comes on, it is necessary to stop the engine and remove the water from the filter.

rear window defrost

3. Rear window defrost

When the rear window defrost system is active, the warning light will remain on during operation.

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windshield defrost

4. Windshield defrost

This warning light works on the same principle as the rear-view defrost warning light.

rain sensor problems

5. Rain sensor problems

This indicator indicates a problem with the rain sensor that needs to be repaired or replaced.

automatic wipers

6. The automatic windscreen wiper mode is activated

This warning light stays on when the automatic windscreen wiper mode is activated.

aileron failure

7. Aileron failure

In the case of aileron vehicles, the warning light will illuminate whenever there is a fault in the vehicle, which could affect the aerodynamics of the car.

convertible roof

8. Convertible roof issues

If you have a convertible car and this light comes on, it means that there is a problem with the convertible roof. It is a good idea to visit the service if this problem persists.

adaptive headlights

9. Adaptive headlight problems

The adaptive headlight indicator light may come on for a variety of reasons, but the most likely problem is the dirt on the adaptive headlight sensor.

faulty cables

10. Bad cable tilt

When the beam inclination is not adjusted correctly, this warning light will activate. In this case, you should avoid driving in the dark and fix the problem as soon as possible.


11. Service visit

When this warning light comes on, it’s time to pay a visit to either the service or a specific issue. In any case, the service visit must be carried out.

airbag off

12. Airbag deactivated

The indicator light indicates a voluntary deactivation of the airbag.

particle filter

13. Particle filter problems

When the particle filter no longer works in optimal parameters, the witness will notify you.

assisted slope system

14. Assisted descent system

The warning light comes on when the power-assisted steering system is switched on.

bec stop brake

15. Bulb stop brake burned

If a brake light on your car has caught fire, this light will warn you that you need to replace it.

bec ars

16. Bec burns

This system warns you that one of the car’s bulbs has burned out. It can be any light bulb, so you will have to manually check which one has the problem.

pedal clutches

17. Press the clutch pedal

This warning light comes on before the engine starts and reminds you to depress the clutch pedal to start the engine.

is not the key

18. The key is not in the car

Keyless starters have a warning light that will illuminate when the key is not in the car. Until the key is brought into the car, the engine will not start.

light sensor

19. Light sensor problems

The warning light indicates a problem with the light sensor, which must be repaired as soon as possible.


20. Winter mode

This warning light comes on whenever the outside temperature drops below 4 degrees Celsius or when the driver activates this module.

low tire pressure

21. Low tire pressure

The TPMS system will warn you when the pressure in one or more tires drops below the level indicated by the manufacturer.

low temperature

22. Low temperature warning

This warning light is activated when the outside temperatures drop to almost 0 degrees and there is a risk of icing on the road.

spark plug warning

23. Spark Plug Warning

This light is present on cars with diesel engines and indicates a spark plug problem. If necessary, the spark plug preheating relay may be defective.

fog lights

24. Rear fog lights on

The indicator will stay on for as long as you turn on the rear fog lights, to protect you from any fines.

trunk open

25. Trunk open

This witness informs you that the trunk of your car is open or has not been closed properly.

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low fuel

26. Low fuel

When this warning light comes on, it means that there is still fuel in the car’s tank for 50-100 kilometers and you need to refuel as soon as possible.

superheated engine

27. Engine overheating

If this warning light comes on, you should stop at the first opportunity because the car’s engine has reached too high a temperature.


28. Engine oil problems

This warning light usually comes on when the engine oil level is too low, but it can also indicate a problem with the oil temperature or pressure.

engine problems

29. Engine problems

Also known as a “check engine”, this witness is the nightmare of any driver. This witness may indicate one or more problems, and the only way to find out the exact fault is through a visit to the car specialist.

open doors

30. Doors open on the go

The indicator indicates that one or more doors are open while the engine is running. If you notice this problem on the go, you need to stop and turn it off properly.

face fog lights

31. Front fog lights on

When you turn on the fog lights, this indicator will light up. However, this is not an indicator signal, but warns the driver that he can be fined if he drives with these lights unjustifiably on (when there are no fog conditions).

servo problems

32. Power steering problems

This indicator light indicates a problem with the power steering system, which is usually caused by a low power steering fluid level.

Windshield fluid

33. Lack / low level of windshield fluid

If this indicator lights up, you will need to refill / fill the windshield fluid reservoir.

nice brake problem

34. Brake pad problems

When you notice that this warning light comes on, you should replace the brake pads or check the brake fluid level.

faulty starting system

35. Defective starting system

A warning light comes on indicates a power system problem is caused by either the immobilizer or the battery-operated remote control.

key battery

36. Low key battery level

In the top models, this indicator is also present, which announces that the key battery level is low.

towing problems

37. Towing system problems

If you have a trailer attached, this system indicates a problem with the attachment lights.

hood open

38. Hood open

The warning light comes on when the hood has not been closed properly. In this case, you have to turn right and close it.

suspension problems

39. Air suspension problems

If your car has air suspension, this light will tell you every time you have a problem with it. To repair, go to an authorized service center.

leave the march

40. Lane departure warning

If your car is equipped with such a sensor, the warning light will come on every time you do not fit properly on the lane.

defective lamda probe

41. Defective lambda sensor

When this warning light comes on, it means that the car is having problems with the injection system. In this case, a service visit is required.

safety belt

42. Seat belt not fastened

If you are on the road and have not fastened your seat belt, this witness will warn you to do so as soon as possible.

distance too short front vehicle

43. Too short a distance from another vehicle

If you are too close to another vehicle, this light will activate and advise you to reduce the distance.

Hand brake

44. Parking brake applied

This signal notifies you that the parking brake is engaged, so remember to turn it off before you go.

alternator problems

45. Operating problems with the alternator or battery

The warning light comes on every time the car starts, but goes out after a few seconds. Failure to do so may result in a problem with the battery or alternator.

braking system problem

46. ​​Braking system problems

If your car has problems with the brake pedal or the brake fluid level is too low, this warning light will come on.

airbag problems

47. Airbags with problems

This indicator indicates that the airbag is deactivated or malfunctioning.


48. ABS problems

If this indicator lights up, it may be a problem with the car’s braking system. Regardless of the type of problem, a visit to a car service is mandatory.

Cruise control activation warning

49. Cruise control activation warning

The warning light comes on when cruise control is activated. When you press the brake or accelerator, the bulb goes out and cruise control turns off.


50. Signage

One of the two warning lights will illuminate when you operate the left / right signal lever or both when you press the fault button.

depress the brake pedal

51. Depress the brake pedal

Indicator that illuminates before starting the engine of a car with automatic transmission and that requires the brake pedal to be depressed.

Locked steering wheel

52. Locked steering wheel

This witness informs you that the anti-theft system has been switched on and that the steering wheel is locked.

Low beam headlights

53. Low beam headlights

Indicator that illuminates when the low beam is switched on.

Taillights on

54. Taillights on

Indicator light that comes on when the headlights are on.

Long beam indicator

55. Long beam indicator

This warning light comes on when the high beam is on.

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