Singer could’ve been a Blue Jay

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Before becoming a top pitching prospect for the Royals, Brady Singer had the opportunity to sign with Toronto out of high school in 2015. Fortunately for the Royals, Singer decided to decline the Blue Jays offer and attend the University of Florida and play for the Gators. This worked out in the Royals favor to allow them to draft great pitchers like Brady Singer and Jackson Kowar in the same draft. I don’t blame Singer for wanting to play for Florida. Many good baseball players have come out of the University of Florida such as Mark Ellis, Brad Wilkerson, and others. I believe the Blue Jays will be kicking themselves hard for not being able to sign Brady Singer. As Royals fans, we are really glad that Singer didn’t sign with Toronto. While it’s still early in Singer’s career, I guarantee I am not the only one who believes he could be an ace for the Royals in the near future. Although Singer had a full season in 2019 in Wilmington and Northwest Arkansas, I wish he and many of the other young players would have been able to get more seasoning in the minor leagues. I believe he could have benefited with some time in Omaha; but as of right now, Brady Singer is doing great for the Royals in the early parts of the season. I can’t wait to see what Singer will be like after his full first season is complete with the Royals. With Singer in the majors, and other pitching prospects on their way to the big leagues, the Royals could have one of the best rotations in the MLB very soon.

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