Time to extend Dayton Moore

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When the Glass family brought Dayton Moore to Kansas City from Atlanta, people were excited back in 2006. Now in 2020, some people want him out of Kansas City, but not me. Believe me, I am not the only one. When new owner John Sherman purchased the Royals, sources said Mr. Moore was, and is to receive a long-term extension under the new ownership group. I think it is well deserved, for many reasons. The first one is he runs the Royals organization like a family. There are many examples of this. When Mr. Moore signs a player, he looks for players with good character and good family values. Some of you might not believe me, but some organizations don’t look at players with good character right off the bat. Some organizations look solely at talent before they make a signing or a trade. Back in 2014, Dayton Moore started up an organization called “C” You in the Major Leagues. This organization supports youth baseball, families in crisis, education, and faith based programs. For more information, visit their website at www.cyouinthemajorleauges.org. On September 5th, 2019 Royals ownership group announced that Dayton Moore is to receive a long-term extension. I think it is well deserved. After Dayton Moore arrived in Kansas City in 2006, the baseball world was turned on their heads. Some people told him that “You Can’t Win in Kansas City.” He obviously proved them wrong. In 2010, Moore traded away Cy Young winner Zack Greinke to the Milwaukee Brewers for Alcides Escobar, Lorenzo Cain, and Jeremy Jeffress. This trade obviously worked out for the Royals. There were many other trades that worked out in the Royals favor. Now some people are still not Dayton Moore fans, because they want to win now. I don’t blame them for that; but since the Royals are a small market organization, they can’t just throw money at players like the Yankees and some other organizations do. This is why you have been seeing a lot of one year signings the past few years. Some of these signings haven’t worked out at all, like the Chris Owings signing, but some have worked out. A great example of this is the Edison Volquez signing. Back in 2014, the Royals signed Volquez to a two year deal.  Another great reason that Moore will be extended will be because he has the experience of rebuilding teams from the ground up and winning a World Series. What will the long-term extension look like? Well, if it were me, I would give him a 15-20 year contract extension. Yes, you heard me right. This is probably why I am not in charge of the Royals finances.


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