Should the Royals trade Danny Duffy?

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Danny Duffy has been with the Royals organization since 2007. So as KC looks to the future, should the Royals trade Duffy in 2020 or 2021? I could see the Royals trading Duffy in 2021 since the 2020 season is going to be shortened due to COVID-19. But I could be wrong. If the Royals do trade Danny Duffy, I would expect KC to get a decent amount of prospects in return. I know Danny Duffy is good, but remember compared to the rest of the league he is maybe a second or third starter in their rotation. He also probably has one or two good years left in his arm. Here are some trades I think the Royals should make if they trade Duffy:

Trade Number One: Braves

Braves receive: Danny Duffy and cash

Royals receive: Outfielder Trey Harris and Pitcher Tyler Owens

This trade might look like the Royals don’t receive much but these two prospects are high in the Braves organization. 

Trade Number Two: Blue Jays 

Blue Jays receive: Danny Duffy 

Royals receive: Pitcher Tyler Hatch, Pitcher Brad Wilson, Outfielder Anthony Alford, and International Bonus Pool Money 

I would consider this trade a hit or miss deal for the Royals, but the Blue Jays would have to take the remainder of Duffy’s salary.

Trade Number Three: Angels

Angels receive: Danny Duffy 

Royals receive: Pitcher Robinson Pina and First Baseman Devin Davis

Pina is ranked 21st in the Angels’ organization, so he has a pretty high ceiling. Davis is an unranked prospect. This trade is my least favorite because there is a lot of uncertainty in it. 

There’s also a chance that the Royals might keep Duffy around for veteran leadership and a reliable arm that can eat up innings, but we will have to wait and see. Watch highlights of these prospects on YouTube.


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