Is Alex Gordon Generation Z’s George Brett?

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The Royals drafted Alex Gordon out of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with the second pick in the 2005 MLB draft as a third basemen. During Gordon’s early years with the Royals as we all know he struggled offensively. That was before he moved to left field in 2010. His first year as the Royals primary left fielder his defense improved dramatically. His offense, however, didn’t improve at all. The next season Gordon won his first Gold Glove Award. As we all know Gordon won’t be joining Brett in Cooperstown but he will be joining Brett in the Royals Hall of Fame. Gordon has won 7 gloves including a Platinum Glove Award in 2014. Brett won his first and only Gold Glove Award in 1985. Both players have been to 2 World Series and have one World Series ring. I think it’s safe to say Gordon wins the defensive category by a landslide. On the offensive side of baseball Brett blows Gordon’s offensive stats out of the water. If Gordon didn’t have that injury season in 2018 he might have been closer offensively to Brett then we think. We all know that Gordon is going to have a statue at Kauffman Stadium like George Brett but is Gordon the second best player to put on a Royals uniform? For people that are my age Alex Gordon is the best player to put on a Royals uniform. Unfortunately for Gordon he might not be able to play a full season of baseball or not. Due to the shortened season, Gordon might decide to play in 2021. For the older generation George Brett is the best Royals player to put on a Royals uniform. Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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