Ranking Every Jersey Worn By The Royals Last Season

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Photo by Jason Hanna/Kansas City Royals

I love baseball jerseys a lot every time a new one is released I’m quick to know about them and give my opinions on them. So naturally, when I was thinking about an article idea I thought about ranking Royals jerseys worn last year! From what I’ve personally seen the Royals jerseys are well regarded and respected in the baseball community especially the powder blues. Definitely send us your personal rankings I’m curious to see.

#10 Players Weekend Jerseys

These jerseys are AWFUL. I know the Royals didn’t design these but they look absolutely horrible on the field. I will say the look alright when you wear them as a fan but on the field, it didn’t work. It was a weird change because the previous year’s jerseys were full of color and personality. Now they are bland all black or all white. The worst thing, in my opinion, is the fact the pitchers wearing the white jerseys had to wear a black hat which made them look different than the whole team. I don’t like these and hope they change the player’s weekend jerseys in 2020.

#9 Spring Training Jerseys

There isn’t really much to say about these they are basically the road alternates but instead of the KC logo on the chest, it is the Royals R logo which I’m not really a fan of. With that being said Spring Training uniforms aren’t supposed to be anything special. I will give it to the Royals I really like the hat from this uniform I wear it regularly and wouldn’t be opposed to the Royals finding a way to wear it in the regular season.

#8 1970 Throwback Jerseys

These jerseys were worn July 6, in a game vs. the Nationals (That day they were the Expos.) They are really nothing special and I don’t really see the Royals wearing these very often so I don’t really have a problem with them but they wear outshined by the Expos that game. The Royals are giving away these jerseys at a home game this year so maybe they may wear these again this season.

#7 Regular Road Jerseys

Road jerseys will never be the best jersey you wear especially nowadays. Each team has road greys while some are beginning to use different shades of that grey which is pretty cool to make the road jerseys look better. I have no problem with the Royals road uniforms I think they are quite solid for road jerseys. They are just kind of boring and there is not much to say about them.

#6 Road Alternate

This alternate is worn during road day games. This is one of my least favorite jerseys that the Royals wear I really think it could be done better or replaced. This is actually the jersey I own the most of too but I’m just not really a fan. It gives the Royals a special look that is better than the normal road uniforms. These jerseys were introduced in 2014 during the prime of the Royals but now it just doesn’t look as good to me. Even with all this negativity I still think this is an alright jersey I just like to see new things I guess.

#5 August 10, Monarchs Jersey

I absolutely love it when the Royals pay tribute to the Monarchs. The Royals almost always do these jerseys right and this was no exception. If they do wear them again I would like to see a matching helmet because the blue looks a little bit awkward. But they did have custom caps that I thought were quite cool. The black, grey, and yellow is something you’re not used to seeing with the Royals but it was refreshing and they should definitely consider wearing these in the future.

#4 Regular Home Jersey

This list is so hard to make because a great jersey is coming in at 4. This is one of the jerseys that look good on the field when players wear it but also great when the fans wear it. The Royal blue script on the front sticks out and makes the jersey looks so clean. These are the jerseys that were worn in home games in the 2014 and 2015 world series so they will always have a special place in my heart. Just seeing the jersey reminds me of good times.

#3 Home Friday Night Alternate

In 2016 the Royals had the world series gold jerseys. You obviously can’t wear those every year but what the Royals did was make small changes in order to keep this uniform. The big change is the lack of gold Royals text across the chest. Now the jersey has blue letters with gold trim and gold numbers with the normal KC hat but with a gold logo. I’m a big fan of these and they especially fit the team because we’re obviously the Royals. It just gives the Friday night games a bit of a different feel.

#2 June 23, Monarchs Jersey

This may be a surprising pick especially because the Royals only wore them once. But I had to put them here the jersey is absolutely stunning in my opinion. These uniforms are from the Kansas City Monarchs in 1942 and are absolutely beautiful. The history behind the jersey is something that needs to be talked about more. If it were up to me these would be regular alternates I just think they are so cool. It seems like the Royals wear a different Monarchs jersey every year I wish that they would just pick one and wear it regularly.

#1 Powder Blues

What can say not only are they the best Royals jersey but the powder blue alternates are among the best jerseys in all of baseball. I personally own a Jorge Soler powder blue jersey and wear it quite often. These jerseys were introduced in 2008 with small tweaks over the years. They are worn on every home day game unless they Royals choose otherwise. They look good on and off the field as I said earlier it is was of the best jerseys in all of baseball.

In conclusion, the Royals have some pretty good jerseys. We have never seen a major change really to the jerseys but that is because they aren’t needed. I would like to give a major thank you to everyone that read this and the photographers that took the pictures.

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