Alex Gordon Returns on a 1 Year $4 Million Deal

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Today the Royals brought back Royals legend Alex Gordon today on 1 year $4 million deal. The corresponding move was DFA’ing RHP Heath Fillmyer but the is a pretty good chance that he will be back in the organization. Obviously this move has been rumored and really picked up steam a week or two ago. The7 time gold glover locks up the outfield with Gordon in LF Merrifield in CF and Dozier in RF. Gordon slashed .266/.345/.741 with 13 HRs and 76 RBI’s and bringing home another gold glove.

Something interesting is the fact that Gordon waived his 10-5 clause which gives a player who has been in the league 10 years and at least 5 years of being on the same team the right to veto a trade including themselves. If somehow Gordo does get traded he will get a $500,000 bonus. But GM Dayton Moore quickly shut down these rumors of a trade saying “we’re not even considering the possibility of trading him”. But it makes you wonder why Gordon would waive the clause then?

Also per Mark Bowman of, the Braves had expressed interest in the veteran left fielder before the trade deadline last year. These talks went nowhere considering Gordo wanting to be a Royal his whole career.

Players seem happy that Gordo is back with Whit Merrifield saying “I can’t tell you how excited to have him back. Probably the second greatest player to ever wear a Royals uniform. What he means to this team and this city goes beyond the numbers. He instantly makes any team better”

Dozier said “He’s the leader of our clubhouse and it’s really important to have guys like him around when you have a young team like we do”

My opinions

I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of bringing Gordon back, while I don’t believe it’s a bad move I would have done otherwise. Gordo is one of my favorite Royals ever but I think he will regress big time. I wish his spot would be given to see if Starling or Phillips are legit if not bring up Nick Heath or Khalil Lee. I think this move hurts Khalil Lee the most because he was looking to make his debut this year but only with starter reps now I don’t feel optimistic about that unless there is a major injury. I believe this team is going nowhere giving time to old players opposed to prospects but that’s just my opinion. I’m glad to see Gordon back in the short term for the team but for the sake of the team long term I wish we would of gone a different direction

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