Keep the Faith, Kansas City! We got this!

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With the series shifting back to Kansas City and the Royals failing to put Toronto away, some Royals fans are feeling a little anxious.

Many fans expected to see the Royals clinch their second straight pennant Wednesday afternoon as the Royals took a 3 games to 1 lead after destroying the Blue Jays, 14-2, on Tuesday afternoon.  However, what we saw was a lineup that was controlled by the Blue Jays Marco Estrada and a Blue Jays team playing for their season in front of about 50,000 crazed Canadians and a 7-1 Royals loss. 

While the loss is disappointing like any loss is, it in no means signals the end of the season.  The Royals tried to become the first team since 2005 to win the ALCS on the road.  That’s right, the ALCS hasn’t been won on an opposing team’s field since 2005 when the Chicago White Sox defeated the Los Angeles Angels in Game 5.  Why is this significant?  Games 6 and 7 are played in Kansas City.

However, some Royals fans are willing to call it a season.  That’s right, the Royals are coming home, up 3 games to 2, with the final two games of the series at home, and yet some are packing it in. 

Well, this is the part of the column where I say:  Keep the Faith, Royals fans!

I know we’re from Kansas City and that (for the most part) sports history in this town hasn’t gone the way we want it.  We’re used to having our hearts ripped out during the postseason.  This is the same town that had the Chiefs have the best record in the NFL in 1995 and 1997 only to see them piss it away with the likes of Lin Elliott and Elvis Grbac.  This is mild compared to the misery we felt in 2003 when we couldn’t force a punt on defense and in 2013 when the Chiefs blew a 38-10 lead to the Colts.  This is the same town who had to suffer with the likes of Tony Pena and Trey Hillman, Bob Boone and Buddy Bell.  This is the same town that endured losing 100 games in 4 out of 5 seasons from 2002-2006. 

I get it.  It’s hard to be optimistic when you’ve been let down so many times by your teams.  I’ll admit that my faith has been shaken on occasion.  However, this is all a part of the experience.  To be honest I never thought I would see the Royals make the playoffs.  When they did, I was elated.  Then they made the World Series and I cried tears of joy.  I, like everyone else after Game 7 of the World Series last season, sat in stunned silence after watching a masterpiece of a series by Madison Bumgarner and was left wondering all the “what ifs”.

However, that’s the great thing about sports and having your team.  You stick with them and stick with them because, one day, good things will happen.  That’s what made the ride in 2014 so special.  It was the first time many of us got to experience this and we experienced it with friends, family, and SungWoo.  Royals fans became a family because we all either experienced it for the first time or for the first time since 1985.  All the losing seasons, all the empty seats, all the “there’s always next year”, all of that disappeared over the course of a month.

The Royals lost to a great team in Toronto on Wednesday.  The Blue Jays were in the same spot we were in during Game 6 of last year’s World Series and they looked like it.  They were aggressive attacking the strike zone and were looking to get runners on, over, and in.  They did that and now the series shifts back to Kansas City where the Royals won the first two games of this series and are 4-1 this postseason.

I don’t know what will happen over the next three days nor would I want to because it would take away from the excitement of the game and being a fan.  I do know that The K will be alive on Friday and (if necessary) Saturday.  It’s okay to be anxious.  The Blue Jays are good and they aren’t going to lay down and die.  That being said, the Royals don’t quit.  They haven’t given up all season.  They earned the best record in the American League during the regular season and are the #1 seed for a reason.

My best advice would be to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.  We saw the alternative from 1986-2013 and this is way better. 

I’m not much for guaranteeing anything, but, Game 1 of the 2015 World Series begins at 7:37 p.m. on Tuesday, October 27th and I fully expect it to be at Kauffmann Stadium in Kansas City. 

Keep the Faith!

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