Royals in all New Territory in 2015 — Being Hated

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It seems impossible to believe, but this is a real thing. People actually say they HATE the Royals. For so long, the Royals were the pitiful franchise that simply facilitated games. They took the field, took their beating, and always looked to the future. Well, we’ve arrived in that future, and we all love it! Watching this team is incredibly fun, for us. We love their hustle, their attitude, postgame Gatorade dumps. All of it. Most other fan bases seem to hate it, and therefore, say they hate the Royals. I can understand that thought process. For a long time I thought I hated the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers. They were always good. They won every year. We lost, all the time. Looking back now, I don’t think I “hated” them. I was jealous. Like one of my favorite Tigers follows on Twitter says: “Comes with the territory. You’re winning. That’s all it takes.” – @Mim5453

Throughout the surprising run to the World Series last year, as underdogs, it seemed like most fan bases with no team in the fight, were adopting the Royals as their team to root for. America’s Team, if you will. That ride was a short one. Now, that’s evidently all over. The Royals haters have really grown this season. Now that the Royals have continued to win in 2015, and have a bit of a swagger to them, they are hated. I’m good with it. I’d much prefer my team win and be hated, than go back to watching my team lose 90+ games a year, and feel like the MLB season ended after the All Star Game. The only thing I might miss about being the loveable loser is that it takes a little longer to get a beer and get to a urinal at the K; the difficulty in getting tickets – first world problems. This won’t last forever, so there’s no way on Earth I’m letting any haters bring me down. I’ll just enjoy their commentary.

My first experience with this being hated thing was during the ALCS last year. Baltimore Orioles fans took the four-game series sweep very hard, understandably. I’d have likely been despondent had roles been reversed. I shared my experience then here.

Even after all of that, I never imagined that the Royals would be the big bad guy this season. But, here we are. It actually started back in April. The first time after the Royals swept the Angels to move to 6-0. Then, there was the whole debacle of a series with the A’s later that month, which featured the Brett Lawrie “slide,” multiple beanings, ejections, crybaby Lawrie post-series comments, a fictional Alcides Escobar text message, fans and even ACTUAL Bay Area media A’s beat reporters calling Kelvin Herrera’s pitch behind Lawrie “attempted murder” and a clown of a piece by the A’s SB Nation site.

I’ve gathered some more HAWT TAKES on our Royals.

(Disclaimer: Rated R)

Screen shot 2015-08-19 at 8.58.26 PM

Who is the real extremist here?


This person not only hates our team, they hate our town. They like to talk about us often, though.


What we have here are guys who have the no idea what “there” doing, do they? The teams in they’re towns must be struggling. Their’s lots of reason to be upset by it what with Perez and Hosmer being cocky snobs (see what I did here?)


It blows my mind that anyone could hate Salvador Perez. There are apparently multiple people that dislike him. Un-be-lieve-a-ble.


Always. I was born in 2002. So I’ve got many reasons to build a good hate for them in that time. Even for a 12-year-old, forever is a LONG time. But, I’ll call him out here, and go ahead and lean with he has hated us since October.


That’s a new one. This is a very different world with people out there that say things like this.


VERY new! Complaining about broadcasters giving too much love to the ROYALS?! WHAT?! ESPN BIAS TOWARD THE ROYALS? Hardly.


While I can agree with you that White Sox fans are bad, maybe the worst (ask Tom Gamboa), don’t you EVER compare us to Cardinals fans…EVER AGAIN. THANKS.


1) Did Rex make a guarantee? 2) What type of baseball fan doesn’t know who Rex Hudler is?


This is the first time I’ve ever seen the Kansas City Royals compared to the Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as Yordano Ventura and Ben Roethlisberger, in any way.


“The Royals are a shitty team.” Pretty hard to back that statement up, man. You can keep your opinion of them as dicks, but don’t be an idiot. #analysis


Well…that kind of confirms the growth of the hate. Dude respected us when Royals were underdogs, hates us when they’re now legit? Makes sense.


Finally! Here is a guy that really understands his own feelings, and isn’t lashing out. Good for you, Kyle! Just like many of us felt for so many seasons. Jealousy can be an evil bitch, and can cause some people to lose control. Watching your favorite sports teams perform poorly, night after night, when they are your escape for joy, is tough. I love this team, and again, the haters don’t really bother me. It’s an interesting new dynamic to being a Royals fan. I know I’ll try to be more sympathetic to other fans that may be for the first time experiencing what we saw for so many years. I hope many of us Royals fans have learned that we should enjoy every minute of the ride. We know what it’s like when the rides closes and is out of order for a long, long, long time. I’d like this one to last a while. The fans, the players, and this city deserve it.

And, just for “fun,” I’ll leave you with this:


Troll so hard.



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