Fox Sport Kansas City to run “Best Games of 2014” on Christmas Eve

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Our good friends at Fox Sports Kansas City are giving all Royals fans what they really want this Christmas! No not Crown Town Ale, Royals games!  Starting at Noon on Christmas Eve FSKC will be airing the top 5 best regular season games.  Let's be honest, you will be having to deal with your In-Laws anyways, so at least this way you will have something worthwhile to watch!  And after two months without baseball, I think we are all ready for some Royals action!  

In case you are too lazy to click on the link, here are the games and times they plan on showing, as I would describe them:

Noon: Duffy pitches a Gem!  This is the game I am most excited about.  I was stuck in Cabo for this game, so I could only listen to it while I was sitting poolside sipping rum runners.  

2 p.m.: Hosmer completes sweep of Cardinals with game winner!  Everyone loves a sweep (it's kind of our theme of 2014), and everyone loves a game winner.  But it is even sweeter when it comes at the hands of the second best team in Missouri.  

4 p.m. We Flipping Won!  Few people remember the great series we had against the A's in August.  At that point they were the number one team in Baseball, and we were just starting to find our stride after the All-Star Break.  So when Jarrod Dyson caught the game ending out, he decided to do a back flip.  Apparently those legs can do more than just run!  

6 p.m.The most exciting regular season game I can ever remember watching.  I think this game against the White Sox is also the start of "That's what speed do!"  The Royals come back in the 9th after a great game.  

8 p.m. The Clincher.  The game that clinched the Royals into their first Postseason in 29 years.  Not the most exciting game of the year, but the one that ended the longest playoff drought in professional sports!  So naturally it is the biggest game of the 2014 regular season!  

I hope you all have as much fun watching as I will!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! 


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