Magi”K” of Postseason

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There are years that are magical, it’s tough to explain.

It’s like Auburn’s magical run in the BCS Title last year (I think Chris Davis the Auburn Cornerback is still running) or Boston breaking the curse in 2004. Balls drop in or plays are made that you just can’t explain. Trailing 4-3 in the 9th inning of Game 4, they embarked upon an unprecedented comeback from a three-game deficit to defeat the New York Yankees in the series. After the ALCS, the Red Sox swept the Cardinals to win their first World Series since 1918. Explain that?

Baseball Gods?

So as I set at the “K” last night at a snooze fest (I mean pitchers’ duel) that was happening until the bottom of the 9th when Glen Perkins entered to shut the door on the Royals and start the standard in KC for the last 29 years of “Here we go again” statements! Alex Gordon (Potential MVP candidate) changed that in one swing of the wooden stick, following an excuse me base hit by Escobar. That’s when the thought had hit me that this isn’t just “another” slap in the face year for the Boys in Blue.

This year has the meaning of; dare I say…. the magic of a long postseason run?

The magic that was instantly put back in Kansas City and the K last night was an epic moment for this 2014 Royals team. Coming off of a 2 game skids holding the best record in baseball since the All Star Break, this team has no .300 hitter,  a third baseman hitting .208, relievers sporting scoreless streaks and ERA’s that the baseball gods adore. Explain the odds they have to make the postseason, let alone the World Series?

As we set here today (August 27, 2014) the Tigers still have the odds to win the division (62.9% to 52.8%) and to make it the Series (6.8% to 4.1%), however arguable they may be better than Royals on paper, one thing they don’t have is chemistry or that special oar about them. Just ask Gordon after Salvy drenched him with a Gatorade bath after the game after planting a baseball literally inches over the wall for a dramatic walk-off that resembled a moment that plants players into postseason memories for ever. You will be telling your grandkids where you were when Alexander the Great kept the magic going in a magically season for the boys in blue.

As the calendar turns to September, the Royals have 18 of their last 31 at home. They play the Tigers 6 more times (3 here 3 there) and 21 against the Central division, the Royals fate lies in their own hands. As Liam Hendricks former Australian Rules football player turned major league pitcher makes an “emergency start” for the boys in blue tonight vs his former team mates. We will see if the magic of the season continues to grow just off the interstate there at the Sports Complex that is eager and ready for their Boys to turn Red October into a Blue October.

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Author: J.B. Hubbs

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