Yosted (Stop me If You’ve Heard This Before)

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Kansas City was majorly Yosted tonight. Mr. Glass must be going through serious withdrawals what with losing 3/4 to the Tigers, and now again tonight.

At one point in this game, the Royals actually had a lead. I promise. There’s proof and everything.

Our boys put a run on the board in the first inning after a double by Omar Infante and a long single by Eric Hosmer.

Boston then tied the game in the bottom of he second inning due to an Alcides Escobar throwing error.

Kansas City would then score two in the fourth and one in the fifth inning to give James Shields a 4-1 lead.

Shields would hold the lead for an inning, but not any longer. James Shields gave Boston two runs right back when Xander Boegarts hit a two-run shot to pull the Sox within one.

“Okay. I have Crow, Hererra, and a new guy named Jason Frasor. Which one should I go with? Better bring in the worst reliever on the team. I’ll go with Scott Downs.”

That’s probably what Ned Yost thought right before he called down to Doug Henry and asked for Scott Downs.

Scott Downs Promptly gives up a two-run dinger to give the Red Sox a one-run lead.

I’m not even going to pretend to blame this game on James Shields. Shields did a solid effort, but just couldn’t get the job done. I place half of the blame on Ned Yost for being horrible at his job. I place the other half of the blame on Scott Downs for the same reason.

Ned Yost had to expect a pinch-hitter. It’s not a secret that Downs is a left-handed specialist. John Farrell knew it. John Farrell did the smart thing and used a pinch-hitter. Something Ned Yost might want to take notes for.

In the post-game conference with Andy McCullough, Yost said, and I quote, “I outsmarted myself.” You don’t say, Ned. You don’t say.

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Author: Sarah Davis

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