Lifeless Royals Lose Again, 2-1 To Red Sox

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Here are some tasteful stats that Ryan Landreth has dug up that may give you no hope at all for the Kansas City Royals.

“The Royals have outhit their opponent 11 times in their 47 losses, with another 7 times matching their opponent’s hit total. In another 13 games, they’ve had no fewer than two less hits than their opponent did. The Royals have lost 47 times. In just 16 of them, they’ve had more than two less hits than their opponent. That’s it!”

The latest victim of the Royals tragic offensive display: Danny Duffy. Duffy threw 6.2 innings of quality baseball. His only mistake pitch was to Mike Napoli who blasted the ball out of the stadium.

The other Red Sox run was unearned. Alcides Escobar whiffed on a ball that was right to him to let Napoli score the other run.

The Royals scored their lonely run on an Omar Infante sac fly to score leadoff man, Jarrod Dyson who tripled earlier in the first inning.

This marks the twentieth one-run loss by the Royals this year.

Remember when David glass said that he was, “Obsessed with winning?”

The Royals have won a grand total of one game in the last ten days. Granted there was a four day break, but this marks the ninth loss in July already.

We went from being the First Place Royals to being the Third Place Royals, and dropping. With Kansas City having lost five of the last seven, they will need to go on a good, clean run to get back in this playoff race for both the AL Central and the wildcard spot.

Kansas City will hope to salvage game three of the series tomorrow against Jon Lester, which is not likely.

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Author: Sarah Davis

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