Dayton Blows Up Team

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moore trade


I don’t get it.

Dayton Moore, try as he may, just cant seem to please everyone.

On Monday, he traded Danny Valencia for an old backup catcher and a project AAA pitcher.

I like the trade. Don’t love it…but its so minor, honestly who cares?

Many feel that losing Danny Valencia means losing a good right handed hitter, which is true. There are always two sides to a coin however, and this year has taught us that while we are losing his bat, the defense first minded Royals are also losing his glove. Danny Valencia according to baseball reference is sporting a NEGATIVE WAR value this year. Meaning that even though he has been used in primarily a platoon situation, thus inflating his offensive numbers, his defense is bad enough that it has MORE than wiped out all the good things he can do at the plate….half the time.

Valencia is sporting a whopping .467 OPS against right handed pitching this year, so isn’t even a viable option for an every day fill in in case of injury as he would simply be a liability on both sides of the ball. He SURE wasn’t a candidate to replace Alcides Escobar or Omar Infante defensively, a problem that many in the Royals kingdom have blasted Dayton Moore for on many occasions in his willingness to go without a true backup middle infielder.

So…we had a defensively bad, third base only, slow right handed specialist that Dayton traded for an upgrade to Brent Hayes and a lottery ticket AAA pitcher who in AAA has a 13.00 K/BB ratio this year in Liam Hendriks.

There is obviously no point in putting lipstick on a pig, as obviously Hendriks has struggled at the major league level, and has a 6.06 ERA in 169 innings pitched but with a home run rate per 9 of 1.8, does he not seem like the kind of home run prone pitcher the Royals often target? With a 2.33 ERA in AAA, and a passable 7.6 k/9 ratio, even at 25 years old, he still has some prospect status. If nothing else, maybe he can be another successful reliever. Dayton does seem to have an eye for that.

Erik Kratz may prove to be a small upgrade over Hayes, and Hendriks may never pan out as a starter, but the end result Dayton hoped for had nothing to do with either of these in the first place. He made the big league club BETTER. Christian Colon provides an upgrade over Danny Valencia as a backup infielder. He managed to do this while modestly improving another backup area, and having a new toy to play with.

The only question now…why on earth didn’t they just DFA Raul Ibanez to accomplish almost the same thing. But hey….baby steps.

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