YouTube Music gets a new Library section design, aiming for better user engagement

Available first on Android, the new YouTube Music version substantially changes the look of the Library tab, used for discovering new songs to listen to. The new version replaces the side-scrolling “Recent Activity” menu, providing a new, slightly more accessible list for quick scrolling.

The new Library version is already widely enabled for users of the Android version of the YouTube Music client. So under the new design users are brought more quickly to the Recent Activity section with recently played songs, eliminating the intermediate steps of discovering new content. Previously, the Recent Activity section appeared as a scrolling side menu that showed only a few of the recently played songs, leaving users to use the arrow displayed on the side to view the full list.

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Under the new formula, Recent Activity appears on the full screen, leaving users with the means to sort through the playlist, choosing recently added and recently played music. Other sections of interest such as “Downloads,” “Uploads,” and “Device files” are now hidden under a new menu accessible from the top-left corner of the screen, with the Library section becoming the main list of content displayed when the app starts. However, those who don’t like the new presentation format can change the way it is displayed by interacting with the title of that list

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