Syria demands UN condemnation of Israeli attacks it has denounced this week in Tartous and Hama

The Syrian government on Saturday urged the United Nations and the Security Council to back with a condemnation its denunciations of Israeli attacks carried out this week in Tartous and Hama, which Damascus described as “a deliberate violation of the sovereignty of a UN member state.”

The Syrian Foreign Ministry warns, in response, that “Damascus reserves the right to respond to these repeated Israeli attacks by appropriate means legitimized by international law and the UN Charter,” according to a statement carried by the official Syrian news agency SANA.

At least two people have been wounded in the attacks, according to a source quoted by SANA, which reports significant material losses and several fires over the surroundings of these two towns.

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“What is serious and dangerous is that the Israeli occupier is determined today, more than ever, to adopt an escalation and a dangerous and aggressive policy based on targeting civilian facilities, sabotaging infrastructure and endangering the lives of civilians,” the statement of repulsion added on Saturday.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has taken the opportunity to reiterate its denunciation of other attacks such as the one committed by the Damascus International Airport in June this year or the one carried out against Latakia commercial seaport in December 2021.

“The international situation in general, and in the Middle East in particular, is going through a fragile and delicate stage that does not tolerate further escalations and tensions,” the ministry denounced.

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Israel has not commented on these allegations.

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