Samsung accused of copying iOS 16 lock screen in new OneUI 5 beta

Samsung is in a seemingly endless cycle of attacking the competition, especially Apple, and then doing exactly what those it criticizes are doing. After ditching the headphone jack just a few months after Apple, and after removing the accessories from the bundle just like Apple, Samsung is now going one step further and copying the new lock screen interface from iOS 16 almost 1:1, with the same features and customization options.

Samsung phone users will get a similar interface to iOS

The newest version of OneUI 5.0 Beta, which is already available to testers, integrates a new design for the lock screen. So you can customize the font and color of the clock, the icons that appear below it. It would be a welcome feature by fans, if it weren’t a near-identical copy of the iOS 16 interface announced last summer at WWDC and released with the final version of Apple’s operating system just a few weeks ago.

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Some say it would be an evolved version of GoOdlock, an older app for customizing the OneUI interface, but that app’s interface looks nothing like Apple’s as it does today.

One Twitter user, Vaibhav Jain, put the three solutions side by side, demonstrating how similar the new customization system is to the one in iOS 16, while it is clearly different from the old system in GoOdlock.

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iOS fans probably wouldn’t mind though if Apple “copied” Samsung’s Always-On Display feature, which is not only more subtle, but also consumes less battery by keeping fewer pixels active. As it is, this feature on the iPhone consumes too much battery and is very distracting.

Many years ago, Apple even won a lawsuit against Samsung for cloning the iOS interface into the “copy” that was called TouchWiz at the time.

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