WhatsApp will allow group chat sessions with over 500 participants

What could be more “beautiful” than a group chat call in which you can talk to over 500 other participants, competing to support their own opinion. You will soon be able to do this directly from the WhatsApp application. Previously, group chat sessions on WhatsApp could gather up to 256 participants.

The plan of the WhatsApp administrators is to facilitate not only company meetings, but also events with the public organized in a virtual space, up to 512 people being able to listen to what the hosts of the event have to say and possibly contribute by asking various questions.

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The new functionality has already been activated in the latest version of the WhatsApp client, and will reach the owners of Android and iOS phones through automatic software updates.


Participants in group chat discussions can be selected individually by the event organizers, or they can connect using the invitation link previously received.

What is certain is that voice calls with so many participants will by no means be a frequent occurrence, requiring a lot of prior organization, or the visibility of a well-known star, to gather such a large number of participants in a timely manner. interested in participating in a live discussion. Once initiated, group chat sessions on WhatsApp will be able to manage using the usual tools, the organizers can exclude / block people who abuse the invitation received, respectively, select other participants in the discussion for the role of moderators, to ensure “cleanliness” instead.

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