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ProSport Live – “Special Editions, with Marius Mitran”, dedicated to the Romanian national football team!


Romania’s national team celebrates 100 years of existence and embarks on a new official path under the leadership of Edi Iordănescu. ProSport Live offers viewers a series of shows dedicated to tricolors: “Special Editions, with Marius Mitran”.

Considered by many to be the voice of journalism that tells the most beautiful stories in sports and especially in football, Master Mitran will talk to people who have played for the national team, to people who have written or commented on its matches, or simply with those who lived with passion the remaining moments in the collective history of Sport King.

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On Wednesday, June 1, Dinu Gheorghe is Marius Mitran’s guest. From 19.00, on www.prosport.ro, on ProSport’s YouTube channel, on ProSport’s Facebook and Instagram pages, don’t miss the stories that made you proud to be Romanian!

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