What is the Ramsay Hunt syndrome that paralyzes Justin Bieber’s face?

First it was a scare: Justin Bieber announced on Thursday that he had to postpone three concerts of his tour ‘Justice World Tour’ due to health problems. It is known that the pop singer 28 years old suffers from Lyme’s deseasecaused by the bite of a tick and what can cause buds throughout life. As the artist decided to postpone them to another date and not suspend them, the thing remained there, in a shock. However, on Friday came the devastating news: the artist suffers a Facial paralysis that forces you to stop in your tracks race and to cancel ‘sine die’ more than 130 concerts scheduled around the world to promote his last two albums, ‘Change’ and ‘Justice’. The condition that he suffers from is not trivial: he himself was in charge of communicating through a video posted on Instagram that he has been diagnosed with another ailment: the Ramsay Hunt syndrome. What is?

bieber he is paralyzed right side from his expensive: its eye No flashes and he can’t make a single grimace. “Obviously, as you can probably see from my face, I have Ramsay Hunt syndrome and it’s because of this virus that attacks the nerve in my ear and my facial nerves and has caused my face to be paralyzed,” the artist explained.

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Chickenpox virus and shingles

The artist frankly detailed the symptoms caused by this condition, but there is more: it is a painful rash that breaks out around the ear, on the face, or in the mouth and occurs when a virus, the same one that causes chickenpox and the Herpes zosterinfects a nerve in the head. Hence, the singer suffers from facial paralysis and can only smile with the left side of his mouth. What’s more, he can’t even move his nostril right.

These are the symptoms of Ramsay Hunt and how it is treated

Ramsay Hunt syndrome not only causes a Facial paralysis, but it can cause a range of symptoms much more serious: hearing lossa red rash painful with fluid-filled blisters in and around the ear or buzzes in the same area, known as tinnitus, explains the Medline Plus medical portal.

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Difficulty closing one eye, vertigo, changes in or loss of taste perception, as well as dry mouth and eyes, are other effects that people who have been infected with this virus may experience temporarily. Still, they can become permanent when it comes to serious breakouts.

The disease is treated with antiviral drugs, corticosteroids Y analgesics. Experts also recommend plenty of rest. Bieber did not specify if he is taking medication to treat the illness, but announced that he will dedicate himself “to rest and relax” until he can get back to doing what he was born to do, he says. For now, Bieber is “physically unable“to get on stage, he lamented.

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