What is miliaria, the blisters and rashes that appear on our skin in the heat?

Everything surrounding climate change in terms of the frequency with which heat rashes and blisters are appearing on our skin. heat waves -extreme temperatures, risk of fires, periods of drought, tropical nights – entail a series of consequences for our health in the short term – sunstroke, insomnia – and in the long term, which, unfortunately, have all the signs of becoming increasingly common ailments and conditions.

One of these conditions is the miliariaalso known as sudamen o heat rash which occurs in high temperature and high humidity settings.

Miliaria symptoms

Miliaria are perfectly visible because they originate some reddish blisters on the skin. -similar to pimples- that usually cause burning and stinging on the skin. Rarely it may also cause some swelling of the skin.

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These rashes usually appear in all those areas where the skin folds, where sweating is greater and also where rubbing against clothing is more common. Thus, it most commonly appears on the thighs., chest, elbows, back y neck.

This happens when the sweat glands become clogged. and the body sweats more than normal. This is why it affects infants, who do not yet have perfectly developed sweat glands, more than adults.

How to prevent and treat them

And although it is not a serious disease, it is necessary to take extreme care in infants in order to prevent these blisters, giving priority to ventilated, cool and dry places and by dressing them in light, soft, absorbent clothing to prevent rashes from rashes caused by rubbing against the fabrics.

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The way to act when we are already suffering from miliaria is also simple: keep the skin clean and dry and wait for it to disappear naturally. But if it does not go away, or if the itching and rashes become more severe, you should see a dermatologist immediately.

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