What is a GaN charger and why you should buy one

GaN chargers incorporate the latest technology in the industry. These devices use gallium nitride (abbreviated GaN), a material used to make LEDs in the early 1990s, blue light lasers and in the aerospace industry to build solar panels for satellites.

The material, similar in structure to crystal, is also used to produce the blue light in Blu-ray discs that reads discs. In electronic device chargers, gallium nitride replaces silicon in transistors.

The advantage of this material is that it produces significantly less heat when current passes through it. Therefore, the components in the charger can be closer together and the overall size of the device is smaller compared to normal chargers, while retaining all the safety features and benefits.

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Furthermore, gallium nitride conducts electricity better compared to previous materials.

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Because it produces less heat, a GaN charger is usually more reliable and runs much longer, even compared to a recent non-GaN model. At the same time, gallium nitride chargers are more efficient, with minimal energy losses.

Being smaller than conventional models, GaN chargers are ideal for those who travel a lot or want to keep them with them all the time in a bag or backpack.

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The only drawback of GaN technology is the higher cost. But in recent months the prices of these chargers have dropped significantly as the market has been flooded with models.

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