After reconsidering the decision in times of pandemic, Samsung confirms that it will give up manufacturing LCD screens, permanently

After Samsung Display sold its LCD screen factory in China to a consortium of local companies in 2020, the measure was reversed as quickly as the component crisis and the effects of the COVID pandemic led to unexpectedly high demand for screens. , any kind of screens.

Apparently, Samsung has wanted to close the LCD business since 2021, but market conditions have left enough demand for business to continue. The final decision was made only this year, with the closure of Samsung’s latest LCD factory appearing first in the South Korean press.

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Instead of selling directly to the target factories, Samsung would have opted for refurbishment plans this time, taking advantage of the fact that the equipment needed for OLED production has now become affordable enough to be installed for the delivery of low-cost solutions. cost, in less advanced factories.

The main argument for the decision of the South Korean company seems to be the growing demand for OLED screens, the LCD alternative losing ground even in the segment of budget smartphone products. Simply put, the demand for LCD screens has declined too much, with only manufacturers willing to sell at almost ridiculous prices surviving in these conditions.

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However, the cessation of the production of LCD screens seems to be strictly related to the basic version of this technology, more advanced solutions such as Qunatum Dot continue to have support, especially in the segment of TV screens.

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