What does front-end programming mean and where can you take courses in this field?

If you are new to programming, you may have heard of the term front-end programming. But what does that mean?

In this article you will find answers to understand what front-end programming is, what skills are needed in this field and where you can take front-end programming courses. If you are already familiar with the field and want a job in front-end programming, here are the best offers here.

What does front-end programming mean?

Simply put, everything you see on a website, such as buttons, links, animations, and more, was created by a front-end web developer. It is the duty of the front-end developer to take the vision and design concept from the client and implement them through code.

Front-end developers must also ensure that the website looks good on all devices (phones, tablets, and computer screens).

What skills do you need to be able to do front-end programming?

The three main languages ​​you need to know are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. From there you can focus on frames, libraries and other useful tools.

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HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML displays page content, such as buttons, links, titles, paragraphs, and lists.

You should not use HTML to style your page. That’s what CSS is for.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is responsible for the style of your web page, including colors, layouts, and animations.

CSS helps you build a responsive design, essential in creating websites that look good on all devices, but also accessible, allowing everyone to use your site, including those that use assistive technologies, such as screen readers.


JavaScript allows users to interact with the web page. For example, clicking the Menu button at the top of the page will open a drop-down list of options. Each time I click on that button, it will switch back and forth between opening and closing the menu.

JavaScript can be used in online games, web pages, mobile applications, and more.

Where can you take front-end programming courses?

If you are a complete beginner and want to learn front-end programming, Pixellab offers an intensive front-end development program, where you go through all the stages of front-end programming and build sites from 0. The program consists of 6 months study divided into 144 course hours, and the payment starts from 5400 lei (in full) or 6000 lei (in installments).

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ILBAH workshops organize authorized front-end programming courses in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Ploiesti, but also online, for students regardless of previous experience. The course consists of 16 working weeks, with a flexible schedule, and the prices start from 3675 lei, with the possibility of payment in installments.

At Codecool you can also find online front-end developer courses lasting 16 + 4 weeks, held in Romanian and English. The costs start from 5700 lei and can be paid in installments.

If you already have a background in web development and want to hone your skills, Informal IT School offers online React JavaScript front-end programming courses. The course lasts one month, with a program of two days a week, and the prices start from 1300 lei (270 euros).

After completing the courses, you will gain the necessary skills for a front-end developer and you will be able to take the step towards a new career in a field in full ascent. Many opportunities await you!

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