Three good-rated electronics available at a discount

Dedeman has posted new discounts on its website, and among the products benefiting are three interesting electronics.

A PNI-IP930W P2P PTZ surveillance camera, which shoots in Full HD quality, costs 169 lei (price reduced from 185 lei). The most interesting feature of the device is its intelligent motion tracking: it has the ability to rotate itself according to the object or person moving in the field of view, following it until it leaves the monitored area. The device includes a microphone and speaker for two-way communication. What’s more, it can save video clips only when it detects motion. It also includes IR sensors for night vision.

The camera is compatible with memory cards up to 64 GB. The dedicated app, YI IoT, is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

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A wireless doorbell, the Home DBS 1501AC, with 36 songs, is available for 92 lei. Two doorbells are part of the set, with a maximum range in open terrain of about 150 metres. The volume is adjustable in four steps. When someone rings at the gate or door, a blue LED indicator lights up on the doorbell. The two doorbells are powered by 230 V. The door/gate button is powered by an A23 battery, included in the package. The product costs 92,90 lei.

Radio media player Akai CA015A-4108S

An Akai CA015A-4108S car AM/FM radio with RDS support is also available for 20 lei off. The device, which now costs 280 lei, has a 4″ diagonal display and three input sources: USB, SD/MMC memory card and 3.5 mm universal audio jack. Output power is 4 x 25 W.

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The device also includes a Bluetooth connection. Interestingly, the display can be used to see what the reversing camera is filming. Commands can also be given via the dedicated remote control. The front of the device is not removable.

Photo:, Profimedia Images

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