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What animals transmit monkeypox in its western variant?


The monkey poxas its name indicates, is a variant of the disease already eradicated which has been identified in apes. However, there are other species animals, especially rodents, whose manipulation can also be a way of transmission of this virus, which until now had lived endemicly in several African countries.

As explained by the World Health Organization (WHO), in the initial cases, the infection occurs “by direct contact with the bloodthe body fluids or injuries to fur waves mucous membranes of infected animals”. The contagion of monkeypox, many times resulting from the poor cooking of the meat of infected animals, causes symptoms such as fever Y nauseain addition to vesicular rashesthe characteristic skin rashes of this virus.

chipmunk and tree squirrel

Chipmunks (‘chipmunks‘ in English) coexist with prairie dogs and marmots in the meadows of North America. Unlike the tree squirrel, the variant listed has adapted to the environment landwhich allows you to explore new resources and situations beyond the trees. It is one of the many species of rodents considered main reservoir of the virus.

The first time the disease was detected outside the African continent goes back to the spring of 2003when several cases were confirmed in the USA. Most of the patients had had close contact with prairie dogs. domesticwhich had been infected by African rodents imported to the country. More recent studies have identified two origins of different viruses related to this animal, in the congo basin Y West Africa.

East hybrid between the squirrel and the mouse, both with species involved in the transmission of monkeypox, it has been adapted to occupy the same ecological niche than tree squirrel species, with the difference that their activity cycle is night. These dormouse live mostly in African countries.

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