Meta launches its new identification system for the Metaverse, Meta ID

Meta has officially launched its new identification system for the Metaverse. Called “Meta Accounts and Meta Horizon Profiles“The login system will make it easier for users to enter the metaverse, as it is no longer necessary to link the company’s virtual reality (VR) devices to personal Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The transfer will be gradual. Until now, users had to use their Facebook or Instagram accounts to create a Meta profile. Now, this option will still be available, and if a person chooses to create their Meta account via the social networks mentioned, they will be logged into the Account Center, the central hub for connected experiences across Meta.

If a person wishes to create a Meta account using an email address, they will need to provide their name and date of birth. Notably, there is an age restriction: you must be 13 or older to create a Meta account.

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Once the Meta account is created, the next step is to set up your Meta Horizon profile. This involves choosing a unique display name and username. Adding a profile picture is also an option.

As for those using Oculus accounts, they will be able to log into their VR device with existing accounts until January 1, 2023. After that, to use a Meta VR device, they will need to create a Meta account and a Meta Horizon profile.

More privacy with Meta ID

Meta uses authentication to protect the endpoints of its service from misuse. In addition, Meta uses anonymous credentials to implement de-identified authentication in a highly available central service called Anonymous Credential Service (ACS).

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According to the Oculus release, the new credential system introduced by Meta offers users “more flexibility and control.“This is possible through the privacy settings options of Open to All, Friends and Family, and Solo. If you do not select your privacy options, Friends and Family will be selected automatically. You can change these settings at any time.

Notably, you will also have the option to set your Meta Horizon profile as private, which means that you will review and approve follower requests. If you choose this option, only your followers will be able to see who you follow and who is following you. People who don’t follow you will still be able to see your profile picture, avatar, username, display name, number of followers and the number of people you follow.

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