VIDEO Good news for all The Orville fans: what Seth MacFarlane announced recently

After a delay of nearly three years, season 3 of The Orville is now on the air, having finally been released last month.

Clearly, it proved to be well worth the wait, since this season is arguably the best of the three by far. Although it has retained its “slapstick” spirit, The Orville seems to have matured, tending to move closer and closer to Star Trek: Next Generation. Besides, if we remember correctly, even TNG had a few episodes that could easily fall into the “comedy” category.

Apparently so good is the latest season of The Orville that it has caught the attention of some streaming industry giants.

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The Orville moves to a “new home”

Recently, creator Seth MacFarlane gave us all some excellent news. Apparently, the first three seasons of the show will also air on Disney+.

The show proved to be relatively popular even among critics, but it moved from Fox to Hulu after two seasons, which stunned audiences a bit. With over 85 million subscribers internationally, Disney+ will greatly expand the show’s fan base.

“I’m thrilled to bring all three seasons of The Orville to Disney+,” MacFarlane said. “Creating this series has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career and I am extremely grateful to Disney for giving us the opportunity to expand our Orville community even further. I can’t wait for new viewers to experience this series,” he added.

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Although the third season is going “swimmingly,” there is still no confirmation for a fourth. However, we can assume that this will happen.

The final two episodes of Season 3 will air on July 28 and August 4, with all three seasons coming to Disney+ on August 10.

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