VIDEO Batgirl, put “in the drawer” by Warner Bros. Leslie Grace’s video shared on TikTok

Actress Leslie Grace shared a behind-the-scenes clip from Batgirl, the recently dropped DC movie.

Barbara Gordon was close to making her big DCEU debut. This was supposed to happen next year. While HBO Max’s Batgirl movie was struggling to wrap filming, Warner Bros. Discovery shocked the entertainment industry by deciding to cancel the release completely and putting it in the “drawer”.

Batgirl could have told Barbara’s origin story after she becomes Gotham’s newest iconic protector. The film’s action was also to take place after the events of The Flash. Batgirl would battle Firefly, played by The Whale star Brendan Fraser.

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Batgirl will never see the “light of day”

So, because Warner Bros. Discovery removed Batgirl, audiences will never see the film in its entirety.

Grace recently shared a video on her TikTok page in which she can be seen doing rehearsals and stunts for her fight with Firefly.

Based on this latest video, as well as set footage that surfaced during filming, Batgirl and Firefly would fight multiple times in the movie. It wouldn’t be surprising if the plot actually made Batgirl lose to Firefly – but we’ll never know. This would have merged perfectly with Batgirl’s origin story, since all the heroes lose in their first battles to the villains.

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As Grace and other Batgirl cast members have shared videos and footage from the film, one can speculate that we may see more in the future.

Even if the film isn’t released, there’s still a chance that Warner Bros. will use the character played by Grace in a future DCEU film, but it remains to be seen whether or not that will be the case.

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