Tech companies that are not from the country people think they come from

Based on a recent discussion on Reddit, where many people were surprised to learn that OnlyFans is a British startup, we’ve put together an article showing which country is the real home of famous tech companies. About these organisations many people think are actually from another country.

Foxconn – Although the largest private employer in China, this is a Taiwanese company. Of course, Beijing claims that Taiwan is still China, something that the Americans and several other countries, which have recognized Taipei’s independence, disagree with.

Nvidia – There are quite a few people who think that Nvidia, the world’s largest GPU manufacturer, is a Taiwanese company. The company, however, was founded and is headquartered in the US. Perhaps the confusion is created by the fact that the company’s CEO and one of its co-founders, Jensen Huang, is of Taiwanese descent.

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ARM – The creator of the famous processor architecture is a company founded in the UK, not the US. As of 2016, ARM is a subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate SoftBank Group.

SoundCloud – The audio content platform was founded in 2007 in Berlin, Germany, by two Swedes. That’s why many people think of SoundCloud as a Scandinavian company, just like Spotify.

TSMC – The world’s most valuable semiconductor manufacturer is not an American company. TSMC has its headquarters and most of its factories in Taiwan.

TSMC is the “pearl” of Taiwan. – About this company many people think it is British or American. The travel platform was founded and is headquartered in the Netherlands.

Schneider Electric – Many people are fooled by the name of this major manufacturer of electrical, electronic and automation equipment. The company is not German, but French!

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Trello – Millions of employees in many companies use this platform to collaborate on various projects. The company that owns it, Atlassian, is Australian, not American.

Shopify – The e-commerce platform for online stores originated in Canada. It is not an American startup.

MediaTek – The well-known chipset manufacturer, which rivals those offered by American Qualcomm, is not a Chinese company but comes from Taiwan.

Infineon – One of the largest players in the global semiconductor market, Infineon does not, like most companies in the industry, come from the US, Taiwan or China, but from Germany.

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