Ukraine raises the number of Russian soldiers killed in combat during the invasion to 19,600

A Ukrainian soldier in Bucha, outside of kyiv, Ukraine.

A Ukrainian soldier in Bucha, outside of kyiv, Ukraine. – Matthew Hatcher/SOPA Images via / DPA

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The Ukrainian Army has estimated this Tuesday at 19,600 soldiers killed in combat since the start of the war, which broke out on February 24 after the order given by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, to invade the territory.

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Furthermore, according to the update published by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Facebook, the Ukrainian forces have destroyed 157 Russian aircraft, 732 tanks and a total of 1,946 armored vehicles.

Likewise, they have estimated the destroyed helicopters at 140, the boats at seven, the fuel tanks at 76 and the drones at 124. Ukrainian forces have warned that the calculations are “complicated” due to the “intensity” of hostilities.

Kremlin spokesman Dimitri Peskov acknowledged Thursday that the Russian Army has suffered a “significant” loss of troops in Ukraine, although he noted that the “operation” in the neighboring country could end “in the coming days.”

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