Netflix introduces “double like”, a new button to mark your favorite movies and series

Netflix has announced the introduction of a new button in its streaming application for all platforms on which the service is available. It’s called “Love this” and has an icon with two “Like” symbols, so it works like a “super like” or “double like” to inform the service about your favorite movies and series. If the previous Like only marked the fact that you like this type of content, the double Like will further influence the service’s recommendations.

The new button could significantly improve your Netflix recommendations

The original Netflix rating system used five stars and allowed users to quickly see how good or poor the movies and series on the service were. However, since 2017, the company has resorted to a like / dislike system, in order to offer relevant recommendations, based on users’ preferences. Thus, you do not know exactly what other users think, but all the content presented to you is somehow based on what Netflix knows about your specific tastes.

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Implementing the “Love This” button indicates to the Netflix algorithm that you want to receive more content of this type. An example was given with Bridgerton. If you click on Love This for this series, the recommendations on Netflix will include more often other movies or series with actors from Bridgerton, or other creations of the Shondaland production house. In the case of feature films, you may receive more recommendations from that director, or other films and series on the same topics.

The new feature should appear today in the Netflix application for iOS, Android, smart TVs, but also in the browser in the next period, probably following an update.

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Of course, “double like” is completely optional, and users can ignore it if they don’t want to “feed” Netflix algorithms with more personal data. However, its use may lead to less search time for other movies and series to watch on the service, as you should receive content that is better suited to your preferences in automatically generated lists.

source: Android Authority

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