U.S. delivers 164 million euros in humanitarian aid to victims of Russian invasion of Ukraine

Follow live the latest news on the war in Ukraine.

White House announces sending additional military assistance.

Jul. 20 () –

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has reported the delivery of $169 million (about 164 million euros) in humanitarian aid to victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine has announced the new aid package and indicated that the funds will be earmarked for “food, shelter, water, hygiene products and sanitary supplies,” among others.

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Thus, it has affirmed that Washington has been helping Ukrainians “since day one of war”, according to information disseminated through the diplomatic legation’s Twitter account.

The U.S. government has also indicated that it will provide additional military assistance with the delivery of HIMARS multiple rocket launcher systems and ammunition, as confirmed by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

In a brief press conference at the White House, he stressed that the administration of President Joe Biden intends to make the announcement later this week. The U.S. has already made more than fifteen such shipments to Ukraine since Biden took office.

In addition, it is planned that the Ukrainians will thus have more ammunition and shields against shelling. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksi Reznikov has stated that the country needs at least a hundred such systems for an effective counterattack.

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Kirby has in turn warned that Russia is preparing the annexation of occupied Ukrainian territories as part of its invasion. “The Kremlin has not given a timetable for the referendum, but Russian henchmen say it will be at the end of this year and would coincide with regional elections in Russia,” he said.

In this regard, he has clarified that the annexation “by force of territory captured in Ukraine would be a serious violation of the UN Charter” and has insisted that he “will not allow this to go unanswered or unpunished.”

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