Ukraine stresses that “it is very important” for war to end before winter

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The head of the Ukrainian Presidency office, Andriy Yermak, has assured this Tuesday that “it is very important” for Ukraine that the war ends before winter, since at that time Russian troops could have “more time to entrench”.

“For us it is very important not to go into the winter. After the winter, when the Russians will have more time to dig in and rebuild a stronger defense. Undoubtedly, the war would be more difficult (…) It is very important for us not to give them such an opportunity,” Yermak has expressed in an interview with the Ukrainian daily ‘NV’.

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Asked about the possibility of vacating the south before the winter comes, Yermak has assured that it is the “great desire” of the Ukrainian government, although he has underlined that “it is a hard work”.

“When you have against you an enemy that has many more weapons and men, it is difficult. We must win, to save as many of our people as possible, but it is complicated,” he added.

In this regard, the head of the presidential office has explained that “the main goal of Ukraine is only to defeat the occupier,” a milestone for which the Ukrainian Armed Forces need “enough weapons and equipment.”

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