Type 2 diabetes causes brain aging and reduces gray matter

people with type 2 diabetes they have a brain aging about 26% faster than that of people who do not have this disease. This is pointed out by a study from Stony Brook University in New York that has recently been published by the magazine eLife.

The researchers evaluated data from 20,000 people between the ages of 50 and 80 in the UK, with and without the disease. they examined brain scans and measurements of brain function, and the results were compared with some 100 related studies.

Alteration of capabilities

In this way, the scientists saw that aging and type 2 diabetes alter the work memory and the learning capacityand also does slower the processing speed of the brain.

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In addition, through magnetic resonance imaging, the researchers were able to report a considerable reduction in gray matter in people with type 2 diabetes.

In view of these results, the main person in charge of the investigation, Dr. Lilianne Mujica-Parodihas highlighted the need to investigate brain biomarkers for this disease and to apply specific treatments for the neurocognitive effects it provokes.

New forms of diagnosis

In addition, with this study it has been seen that, observing the state of the brain, it would be possible to diagnose type 2 diabetes with more antelation.

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Today, the usual way to diagnose this disease is to measure the levels of Blood glucosethe levels of insulin and body mass percentage. However, the research suggests that surely the brain may already have significant damage before the time it is usually diagnosed.

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