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Two unusual products, available at Dedeman at a good price. One is a 4-in-1 car gadget that looks useful


Dedeman has a rich offering of electronic devices, which is updated fairly frequently. In this section, we’ve discovered two unique products with decent prices. We don’t know how good or reliable these devices are, but they certainly stand out.

A pair of winter ear muffs with built-in speakers is available for 93 lei. Midland Subzero Sun have cotton-lined cups on the inside. The headphones connect to your phone via a 3.5mm jack cable that features a play/hold button.

The headset includes a microphone and can also be used for phone calls. A 2-pin PMR446 connector for mobile radios is included in the package. The headset weighs less than 100 grams.

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Home FMBT 1000, a car device with “everything”.

At the same time, an FM modulator with built-in Bluetooth headset, the Home FMBT 1000, is available for 110 lei. The device also functions as a car charger (it has a USB-C connector and a USB-A connector with fast charging, compatible with the QuickCharge 3.0 standard). But that’s not all the gadget does! It even works as a voltmeter for your car battery. Information, including the car’s battery voltage, is displayed on an LED screen.

The wireless headset attaches magnetically to the modulator and has a maximum battery life of 4 hours for phone calls, according to the manufacturer. The FM tuner operates in the 88 – 108 MHz range.

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The two devices can only be ordered online.

Photo: Dedeman.ro

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