This electronic drum set in the Amazon deal is easy on your wallet and your neighbors

If you’ve always wanted to learn drums or have set yourself a goal for the new year to learn a musical instrument, then take a look at this electronic drum set. This allows you to Learn easy and challenging performances, without constantly annoying your neighbors or family. For very young beginners, there is of course also a version that is even more reduced.

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Expressive drum kits for a variety of music

With 30 drum kits, 425 sounds and more than 55 accompanying demo tracks, the Donner DED-100 electronic drum set enables an expanded range of percussion timbre. Integrated acoustic drum sampling reproduces the sound quality of an acoustic drum with impressive authenticity and expressiveness.

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In this way, various sounds from expensive real models can be reproduced without spending a lot or having to make a decision. The electronic drum set is available in smaller form also for young, aspiring drummers. This version still has all the amenities of the larger set.

Low operating noise and twin pedal compatibility

Playing quietly is especially important if you practice in apartments or shared spaces. The Donner DED-100 Electronic Drum Set addresses this concern with a 6-inch silicone bass drum that features twin pedal compatibility. The silent strike design of the silicone and wire step hammer minimizes annoying noise so you can practice undisturbed.

Numerous integrated functions for a professional gaming experience

The DED-100 electronic drum set is not just a simple instrument, but a comprehensive tool for drummers. Built-in equalizers, ambience effects, a metronome and coaching functions are used when teaching, in the home studio or during live performances. These features will help you master the rhythm of the music and elevate your playing to a professional level.

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A complete accessory package for your needs

The electronic drum set does not come alone. Included in delivery are audio cables, headphones, a drum stool and drumsticks. This comprehensive equipment not only makes it easier to get started, but also ensures that you have everything you need for good performance.

The small studio for your home

Connect the drum kit control unit to your computer to enable MIDI transmission and recording for music production. This allows you to optimize the percussion timbre during processing and integrate drum acoustics into your productions.

Click here for the electric drums on offer on Amazon

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