Twelve-year-old girl’s body found in a trunk in Paris

The body of a twelve-year-old girl has been discovered in a trunk on Friday night to Saturday in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, the French capital.

The body has the numbers 1 and 0 inscribed on it, with no meaning as yet ascertained, French television station BFMTV has reported.

The Prosecutor’s Office has subsequently reported that the girl died of asphyxia as revealed by the autopsy, although no further details of the case will be released for the time being in order to facilitate the investigation.

The body was found by a homeless man in Hautpoul street a few hours after the parents reported her disappearance with a deep cut on the neck and ligature marks on the wrists and ankles.

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Six people have been arrested in connection with the case and the Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation for “murder of a minor under 15 years of age.” Among those arrested is a woman in her 20s identified thanks to security camera footage from the victim’s building.

The young woman had been seen in the company of the teenager and was later recorded awkwardly moving the trunk into a car. She was arrested this Saturday morning, in Bois-Colombes, in Hauts-de-Seine.

The homeless man who found the trunk is also under arrest. Police do not consider that he is involved in the criminal act, but want to investigate all leads.

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In the property where the girl resided a roll of tape and a cutter used to immobilize the victim have been found, so the Police focused from the outset on the hypothesis of the crime.

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