Former President Manuel Zelaya unleashes a schism in the Honduran government

The former president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya Rosales, has unleashed a schism in the country’s government after affirming this Friday that the alliance signed with Salvador Nasralla, current presidential appointee — the equivalent of a vice president — and his party, Partido Salvador de Honduras (PSH) has been broken.

Zelaya Rosales expressed that he considered that the alliance had been broken by Nasralla’s insults to the president, Xiomara Castro, to his formation, Partido Libre and for “comparing them with the dictatorship (of Juan Orlando Hernández), according to ‘La Nación’.

Nasralla has made numerous statements in the media and publications on social networks in recent days in which he has assured that Castro and Zelaya have not complied with the agreement signed before the 2021 elections in which they promised him a leading role in the government.

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However, Castro has not expressly pronounced himself on the controversy although he has shared the video in which his advisor Zelaya expresses the rupture of the alliance, through a ‘retweet’.

Castro and Nasralla contested the presidential elections on a joint ticket, obtaining 51 percent of the support.

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