Turkey warns Greece it will “suffer consequences” for “adventures on behalf of others.”

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Monday that Greece “will suffer the consequences” of “adventures on behalf of others,” in reference to the Greek military presence on Aegean islands that Turkey believes should be demilitarized.

“We try to respect neighborhood rights on both sides of the Aegean, but Greece continues with its provocations. If you embark on adventures on behalf of others, you will suffer the consequences today, just as it happened in the past,” Cavusoglu said during an event on the Battle of Sakarya, a clash in the 1921 Turkish-Greek war that allowed Turkish nationalist forces to drive the Greeks out of central Anatolia.

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Cavusoglu has thus warned Greece not to let itself be used as a “tool” of others and urged Athens to stop its “provocations,” Turkish news agency Anatolia reports.

Turkey on Saturday denounced “harassing gunfire” by coastguards against a Turkish merchant vessel in international waters in the Aegean Sea. This incident comes against the backdrop of increased tension between the two countries. Turkey accuses Greece of “occupying” some demilitarized Aegean islands and of fixing an anti-aircraft missile system on Turkish fighter jets, which Athens denies.

On the other hand, Cavusoglu stressed the mediation vocation of Turkish diplomacy and mentioned in particular the agreement reached to facilitate the export of grain from Ukraine via Black Sea ports. “We are continuing with this project which will spare the world a food crisis,” he stressed.

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