Trump assured he would not leave the White House shortly before losing the presidential election to Biden

Former U.S. President Donald Trump assured in 2020 shortly before losing the presidential election to the then candidate of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, that he would “never leave” the White House despite his possible defeat.

A new book written by the journalist of the newspaper ‘The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman points out that the New York magnate said that he “simply would not leave” the White House as long as Biden did not succeed him in office, according to information from the CNN television network.

This alleged refusal of Trump to leave the Presidency offers new details about the chaotic period that followed the electoral appointment, when the former president refused to accept his defeat, which largely led to the assault on the Capitol that took place on January 6, 2021 by his supporters.

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The book, titled ‘Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Rupture of America’, has been written as the House of Representatives investigates what happened during the assault. The results of the inquiry are scheduled to be known this fall.

According to Haberman, after the Nov. 3 election Trump largely admitted to begging before Biden and asked his advisers “what went wrong.” At one point, however, Trump’s character changed and he informed his team that he had “no intention of leaving the White House to get Biden in.”

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