Truss says she is “ready” to press nuclear button if elected British prime minister

The UK Foreign Minister and candidate to lead the British Conservatives, Liz Truss, has assured this Tuesday night that “she is ready” to press the nuclear button in case she is finally elected to replace Boris Johnson, fallen in disgrace after his latest scandals.

“I think it is an important duty as prime minister. I am ready for it,” she has thus responded to a question during the pre-election debate that has pitted her against former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, with whom she is disputing the new leadership of the Conservative Party.

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In early July, the still British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson was forced to resign as leader of the Conservative Party, after the cascade of resignations that occurred within his government due to the scandals he had starred in, the ‘partygate’ being the best known of them.

While waiting for a successor, whoever replaces him will be able to act as prime minister thanks to the comfortable majority the ‘Tories’ have in the House of Commons, so in principle an electoral advance is not foreseen. The next general elections should be held in January 2025.

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