Useful gadgets for the office and personal projects, from Monday in the Lidl offer

This week at Lidl there were some very interesting products available, both for those getting ready for school and for those who still have to “tinker” around the house. It looks like Lidl will continue next week with products in these categories, offering a selection of gadgets for students or even someone working at an office, but also for those still working around the house on various personal projects.

Back to school with office gadgets

In Lidl’s Back to School programme, we’ll find some very useful accessories from Monday 29 August. First up, we have an LED Lamp for lighting up a desk in the evening. The lamp has a power consumption of 10W, but is also multi-functional. It has a digital thermometer, which shows the temperature in the room in real time, and the display always shows the exact date and time. This $59.99 lamp is sure to be useful for students who will start getting back into the evening homework schedule starting in September.

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Also for schoolchildren, Lidl is introducing an electric pencil sharpener. It comes with a battery in the pack and allows two types of pencils to be sharpened, 9 to 12mm in diameter and 6 to 8mm in diameter. The sharpener also has a cap to protect accidental insertion of fingers inside. It costs just 27.99 lei.

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One office device that could be useful for both students and parents is the Document Shredder. It can shred documents automatically, and can even be installed on a trash can thanks to a telescoping arm. At $79.99, this device could make throwing away old papers simpler, without the risk that someone might read them if they find them.

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Those working on various personal projects around the house will certainly appreciate these tools

We said that even those with a penchant for projects around the house will find useful “gadgets” at Lidl next week. Also from Monday, the supermarket will be putting a Welding Inverter on offer. It has a 4 metre cable and comes with a 3 year guarantee. The price is 399 lei and will certainly be useful for those who have various welding around the yard.

And because welding involves risks, Lidl also introduces two models of welding mask on offer. The differences between them are in design, as both offer the same 9.2 x 4.2 cm field of view and can automatically darken in just 0.0004 seconds when they detect very bright light from the welding machine. They also have an integrated LED to illuminate the work area. The automatic welding mask costs 169 lei.

source: Lidl offer

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