The right wing starts contacts in Sweden after the uncertain election result

The main conservative parties in Sweden have started contacts this Monday to test possible post-election agreements, despite the fact that the provisional results of Sunday’s elections show a technical tie between the two blocks.

The Swedish Electoral Commission has anticipated that until Wednesday it will not give the definitive data of these elections, in which the Social Democratic Party of the Prime Minister, Magdalena Andersson, aspired to remain in power. Provisional statistics place it as the most voted party, but it is not guaranteed to form a government.

Among Sunday’s big winners was the far-right Sweden Democrats, which won more than 20 percent of the vote. Its leader, Jimmie Akesson, has gone this Monday to the headquarters of the Moderate Party, although in declarations to ‘Aftonbladet’ he has limited himself to say that he was going to have lunch.

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According to this newspaper, representatives of the two parties already agreed on the same election night that the two leaders would meet this Monday to begin to weave an alliance, although officially neither party has given details about it.

Akesson, 43, has managed to lift his party to an unprecedented result, unthinkable even for a formation with origins of neo-Nazi apology. His support will be essential if the moderate Ulf Kristersson wants to unseat Andersson as head of government.

“We have gone from being a small party on the fringe and laughed at by everyone to being a real contender,” Akesson stressed in his election night speech, hailed by his supporters, according to Bloomberg news agency.

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The party, led by Akesson since 2005, has tried to become more friendly to the common Swedish population and has abandoned radical measures such as Sweden’s exit from the EU, but maintains a hard line on issues such as immigration.

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