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TOP 5 best-selling phones in Q1 2022. Samsung and Apple dominate the rankings


According to an IDC report for the smartphone market in the first quarter of 2022, the iPhone 13 series is responsible for three places in the TOP 5 best-selling phones in the world. Thus, the success of these models continues in 2022, after the end of 2021 was dominated by Apple phones. These phones are not only successful compared to other competing models, but also compared to other Apple phones, as they accounted for 84% of Apple’s revenue in the category of smartphones during this period ($ 42 billion).

The ranking of the five best-selling phones from the beginning of 2022 was published by Francisco Jeronimo, IDC analyst, on Twitter. However, the top is occupied by only two brands: Apple and Samsung. Interestingly, while the best-selling Apple phones are the latest high-end models, in Samsung’s case we are dealing with two of the cheapest models in the company’s portfolio.

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TOP 5 best selling phones in Q1 2022

  1. iPhone 13
  2. iPhone 13 Pro Max
  3. Galaxy A12
  4. iPhone 13 Pro
  5. Galaxy A32

While the standard iPhone 13 is the best-selling phone in the world right now, it’s curious that the Pro Max is in second place, not the 13 Pro, which is only in 4th place. iPhones that have more money to spend on a phone prefer the larger screen model. What is certain about this ranking is that the iPhone 13 Mini has not been as successful in sales as the other models, and Apple’s decision to give up this option in 2022 seems to be justified.

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When it comes to Samsung, price seems to be the deciding factor, which leads to more sales, something completely opposite to direct competition. Galaxy A12 enters the third place, between the iPhone 13 Pro Max and 13 Pro “standard” models, and in fifth place we find the Galaxy A32. Curiously, the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A52s are missing from this ranking.

source: Twitter

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