TOP 3 things you need to know if you want to work in social media

The internet has completely changed the way our world works. Whereas 20 or 30 years ago jobs, school and even everyday life looked completely different, today technology is part of every little aspect of everyday life. This does not necessarily have negative connotations. Although the internet and the advancement of technology bring certain disadvantages, we should not forget that the advantages are far greater.

With the internet, the first social networks are taking shape. Social networks have contributed enormously to changing everyday life, from access to information and the formation of strong communities to the creation of new jobs.

Social media has created new jobs and continues to bring change to the world. Like any other revolutionary product, social media has its downsides, but it’s important to understand it as well as possible so you can focus on its positives.

If you want to work in social media, one of the world’s most promising fields, here are 3 things you need to know:

Social media isn’t just about influencers

Influencers are an essential part of social media, but not the only part. Just like in movies, it’s the actors who get closest to the audience, being in front of them through the roles they play. However, a film cannot exist with actors alone. A film needs a director, producer, lighting engineers, sound engineers, casting directors and many other professionals.

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The same goes for social media. The world of social media is not just influencers, but also advertisers, content creators, social media experts, photographers and editors.

The phone remains the centerpiece

Social media is most often accessed from the mobile phone. So when you’re working in social media, your phone remains your best friend. Whether you’re taking photos, creating content, exploring other creators or editing videos, opt for a phone you can rely on.

An iPhone 13 may be an ideal option. The iPhone 13 is Apple’s penultimate model and has the advantage of having a super price or anyway friendlier compared to its successor. However, the iPhone 13 has perfect specs for content creation, including a state-of-the-art camera.

If you want a small phone and the iPhone 13 feels too big, then you can go for an iPhone 13 mini.

Our advice is to choose iOS software because it lends itself excellently to creating and editing photo-video content.

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No special education needed

To work in social media you don’t need any special education. Whether you’ve graduated from journalism school or law school, there’s room for everyone in the huge world of social media.

Of course, you’ll need certain skills. First, it’s essential to understand how social media works. You need to know what’s behind influencer communities, how brands are promoted on social media, and how to measure social media results. Photo and video content creation skills and Photoshop skills will also help.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to know all this stuff before you start working. It’s enough to start with one or two skills, and you can learn the rest as you go. Nowadays, there are plenty of internships and social media courses where you can sign up.

Social media is sure to remain in our daily lives for years to come. There’s a whole new job market being created in this area and the good news is that enthusiasts can find their place in it. You don’t need any special education to work in social media, but you do need skills such as an understanding of social media and photo and video editing skills. Try your luck in this field if you feel it’s right for you and you certainly won’t regret it.

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