Polygon zkEVM mainnet beta opens

Polygon Labs opened the beta from main network from Polygon zkEVM. The co-founder d’Ethereum made the first transaction on the L2.

Polygon Labsthe startup behind the Polygon platform, announced Monday the opening of the beta from mainnet of its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based on zero knowledge proofs (ZKP).

Unveiled in the summer of 2022, Polygon zkEVM is a scaling solution compatible with the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

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Last month, Polygon Labs indicated that the beta version would be released on March 27, 2023. The deadline has been met.

The once distant dream of an EVM-equivalent zkEVM has now arrived and is ready for everyone to use: Polygon zkEVM is the build-it-all machine that will take Ethereum to places no one could have imagined before,” the company wrote in a blog post, noting that Vitalik Buterin had made the first transaction on layer2.

Polygon zkEVM is completely open sourceaccording to the announcement.

Other major companies in the crypto ecosystem, including Matter Labs and ConsenSysare also developing zkEVM solutions. The studio led by Joseph Lubin plans to launch the ConsenSys zkEVM testnet this Tuesday.

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