To the movies with Lay’s! No notifications, no interruptions, but with prizes to suit every consumer’s taste!

Everyone’s life has become increasingly connected to their mobile phone. The internet doesn’t let us take our eyes off it for a second, which is why, more often than not, when you’re watching your favourite show there’s a chance you’ll miss the very climax, precisely because you’re distracted by the presence of your phone. Lay’s, the perfect movie night snack, has created a super tool that will enhance your viewing experience – Lay’s MovieMode! This way, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your favourite movie, because Lay’s wants to remind you what life looks like without your phone. What do you get in return? Extra chances at cool prizes in the cool new national campaign.

Regardless of your favorite genre, movies are best enjoyed with the internet turned off. And because Lay’s understands that notifications are already an integral part of everyday life, it gives consumers a chance to relax a bit and really enjoy the movie they’re watching.

“Although Lay’s bag is a fixture on movie nights, most of the time we can’t fully enjoy the experiencetion. Lay’s MovieMode is our way of addressing a very powerful insight – that it is becoming increasingly difficult to watch a movie without being interrupted by various notifications. So, in addition to the campaign prizes, we’re coming up with something extra for the consumer, with this tool that motivates you to put your phone on MovieMode and enjoy movies uninterrupted while earning promotional extras.”, Ana Dinu (Brand Manager Lay’s, PepsiCo Romania).

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The new Lay’s campaign features Smiley, this time as the main character and the viewers’ guide for a movie night with friends. Specifically, Smiley invites you to sign up for the super luuuungmovie promotion and take advantage of extra chances to win with Lay’s MovieMode.

Lay’s new innovation could win you a 50,000 lei Blockbuster prize

You’re probably wondering what Lay’s new app entails. Well, once you’ve entered your voucher on the website or via SMS, you can log on to, where you’re invited to choose your viewing time (Short – 15 min / Episode – 30 min / Feature – 90 min). Once you activate airplane mode, you can receive 1, 2 or 3 extra chances for Lay’s prizes at the end of uninterrupted viewing, depending on your choice.

Lay’s MovieMode is Lay’s new innovation, designed specifically to solve a topical problem and give a boost to any viewing experience.

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“About myself, personally, I would say without hesitation that I am a die-hard moviegoer. So it’s easy to see why the idea of a tool that gives the general public a chance to enjoy movies again in the true sense of the word is right up my alley. I firmly believe that Lay’s MovieMode is a cool concept not only because it’s innovative and simple to use, but also because it aims to solve, even if only briefly, a super real problem, namely viewers’ attention span, which has been dwindling in recent years. But MovieMode is just the spearhead of a new Lay’s Movie Watching campaign, full of dynamic execution, guaranteed prizes and collectibles, and led by a more positive and energetic Smiley than ever. GG team PepsiCo & Friends\TBWA & OMD and here’s to many more movies enjoyed… uninterrupted ;)”, Vlad Belcin (Copywriter, Friends\TBWA).

movie mode

Lay’s is putting a series of prizes up for grabs again this time, designed to make any moviegoer’s heart beat faster. Once again, Lay’s consumers can personalize their moviegoing experience to the max with one of 5 extra cool designs from Lay’s by mysimplicated exclusive collection of movie-inspired backpacks.

In addition to the backpack per hour, all consumers who sign up for the campaign are guaranteed a ticket to Smiley’s online concert and a chance to win the Blockbuster grand prize of 50,000 lei.

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